The Blanco Family // Maternity Session

We’ve come a long way from the days we sat in our dorm rooms trying to learn the Haka by watching YouTube videos and eating inordinate amounts of pasta. Meet my girl, Maryum, and her husband, David! I’ve known these two for what feels like forever. It’s been over a decade! We’re almost to the point where I’ve had more time with them in my life than without them. So weird!

I’ve got weekly coffee dates with Maryum which is one of my favorite things I’ve intentionally added to my life this last year. We had both allowed ourselves to become consumed by other priorities than our friendship. I’m, for one, so glad that we’ve rekindled our college ways of chatting over tea or coffee and discussing the tough stuff of life. It’s such a joy to journey alongside someone who has such a different experience than me in this world.

When Maryum told me she was pregnant, she told me that we were changing our Thursdays from coffee dates to ice cream dates. Then she told me why. First of all, who wouldn’t love that suggestion? Hello to you, Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream! Second of all, one of my longest friends is having a baby!? That is still just so surreal! She’s going to be such an amazing, terrific mama!

Even though it’s been months since she initially told me, I’m still a little in awe of the fact that my friend was carrying a precious little life inside her AND looking like a rockstar while doing it! I’ve been waiting quite a bit to post this session, but we already have a new little one to love on! Maryum, I’ve loved walking along this journey with you as you share with me all the joys and not so fun moments of the pregnancy process. From nesting and getting the baby’s room ready to the bridal shower to discussing all the parenting things along the way, it’s been such a wild and fun ride!

Once again Maryum + David, thank you for allowing me to not only journey along life with y’all but the ability to capture this moment in time for y’all to cherish. Until the next coffee date (or ice cream)!




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