About Ashley Karlen

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A Letter From Ashley Karlen

Hello y’all! I am a Texas girl trying to figure out life one adventure at a time whether that is through a road trip, a great conversation with friends over chips and salsa or through sitting back and relaxing with a book and a cup of tea.

A Few Favorite Things I Absolutely Love:
Jesus. Road Trips. Coffee. Stories. Breakfast Food. Board Games. Pokemon Go. Costa Rica. Photography. Different Cultures. Mexican Food. Reading. NCIS. Adventures.

Why Becoming A Better Me Starting Today?

In 2016, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the way I was living my life. I felt like I was drowning under exterior pressures of who I had created myself to be versus my innermost desires of who I wish I had become and could become. Within three months, I quit my job, moved, and married my best friend and now husband, Rick. It was a whirlwind of changes that catapulted a journey towards healing, forgiveness, learning to give myself grace, simplifying my life and ultimately becoming a better me.

I’m writing this in past tense, but the reality is that every day I am forging on toward becoming a better me. This journey is one that will never stop because no matter where I am, I can become better versions of me. The journey starts fresh every day.

This isn’t just a journey, but I’d dare to say – it’s an adventure! Knowing that I absolutely love adventures and how they can shape us in crazy amazing ways, I hope you’ll come with me so that we can become better versions of ourselves together. I’ll bring the words, thoughts and challenges to guide us along the way (and probably at least a few cups of coffee). You’re in charge of your own snacks though! Won’t you join me on this adventure today?

Becoming a Better Me Starting Today,




Important Information + Policies

We are all on this journey to becoming better versions of ourselves together regardless of race, religion, class, style, reading preferences, favorite foods and everything else that divides us as humans. This is a space of love first and foremost. Please be courageous, vulnerable and loving while here as you treat each other and myself with the respect, dignity and honor that each of us deserves. I greatly appreciate this as we journey together.

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